italian boys praying


Our long term vision is to see lives transformed by the Gospel and the people of Italy worshiping God together in healthy, reproducing churches. We are intentional about living relationally among our Italian friends and neighbors and discipling people one-on-one, investing time in individuals and families. 

Italians worshipping

Worship & Music

Our primary role within our church, besides evangelism and discipleship, is leading worship. Long term, our goal is to begin training Italian men as leaders. Leaders in their homes, their churches, and more specifically, as worship leaders.

The current state of worship music is severely lacking in Italy. Italians have very little access to good, Gospel-centered music or reading materials. Currently, most of the music is translated from english worship songs. Unfortunately, many of these songs often do not translate well. They simply are not the same as having worship songs written in the native tongue. We want to facilitate a revival of worship culture in Italy by encouraging Italian believers to write their own worship music. Using our background in music technology, we hope to record and distribute music to Christians all over Italy, to encourage and edify the believers there.

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